Peetri Miniladu – a 5-star home for your things!
The largest mini-warehouse complex in the Baltic and Nordic countries is located in Peetri township, right next to the Tartu highway. We have over 6,000m2 of storage space, ranging in size from 1.5m2 to 300m2. Our customers are both private individuals and companies, all of whom need space to store their things.
A convenient way to store seasonal sports equipment, equipment, furniture, clothes and other necessary things. A good place to store products for those engaged in e-commerce, we also offer a meeting room for business meetings and meetings, a storage area for hobby and luxury cars and other exciting things. Flexible solutions according to customer needs.
To load and unload goods, it is possible to drive directly to the lobby, from where you can transport your things to the booths. There are shopping carts and a manual forklift on site.
Comfort is provided by spacious freight elevators, a stable year-round temperature, proper ventilation, trailer rental for 6 hours free of charge, a self-service shop and a self-service car wash located on the same premises.
Security is ensured by the fenced territory, the warehouse complex is guarded by 80+ online cameras.
Access to your belongings (by special agreement also 24/7). On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:15 to 17:00, a helpful administrator is also on site.